PUBG mobile is the most famous mobile battle royale game developed by Tencent Games. Millions of mobile users around the world play this amazing fps game daily. Many of them like to share their gaming videos with friends and online communities.

So many pubg players wonder how they can record the game screen without interrupting the gameplay. There are several methods you can use to screen record pubg mobile gameplay on android.
Most new Android devices come with a built-in screen recorder. You can simply start recording the game screen the movement you launch the game. But there are some pros and cons to this feature.

Speaking about pros you don’t have to download any third-party app to record the screen. So no other app will take your mobile phone memory. Most of these apps are designed for the exact mobile. So with built-in apps, there will be no lagging or any kind of significant issues while recording. Also, most of the time, games will run smoothly with the screen recorder in background.

But there are some cons of using built-in android screen recorders. The first thing is they lack features. Most of the recorders only have a start button and stop button from recording. You can’t cut, paste or hide anything in the video. You just can record your screen and nothing more.

And for editing, you will have to use other third-party apps or transfer the video into a PC and edit in there, which is more time-wasting.

And you do not have any control over video quality or any other feature that higher up the video standards.

Also, if this type of built-in apps is in test modes, you may experience some unexpected bugs. Some apps may eat your mobile phone RAM, and your game will suck.

If you are a professional gaming content creator on platforms like Youtube or Twitch, built-in screen recording apps are not for you. These apps are better for some simple tasks.

If you are a pro mobile gamer who wants to create high-end gaming videos for online platforms, it’s better to use a third party android screen recorder with more pro options. I recommend you the AZ screen recorder. I’ll explain why it’s better than other options.

With the AZ screen recorder, you can record your screen in full HD resolutions. That means your audience will experience HQ video outputs. Also, FPS is a must check fact when recording gameplay. You can choose up to 60FPS in the az screen recorder.

The az screen recorder comes with no time limits. And you do not have to root the android device to use all these features.

‘When you are recording gameplay, it’s necessary to record the game audio. To do that the screen recorder app must have an internal audio recording feature. You do not have to worry about this if you are using the az recorder app.

When you are playing and recording, it’s a good idea to show your face to the audience. It will gain you more credibility. The az screen recorder has a built-in facecam option. You can adjust its position as you wish.

Also, the az screen recorder has a built-in video recorder with so many cool features. You can live stream your videos on Facebook, Twitch or Youtube using the app.

I think now you understand why you must use the az screen recorder to record your pubg mobile gameplay videos.


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