Basic SEO tips

In this post we’re going to take a look at a few basic SEO tips that will help you rank higher.

I don’t know if you’re going to believe me but trust me when I say this. I’ve been doing SEO for over 9 years now. In this space SEO has changed a lot.

So with these SEO tips, despite the changes that have happened, you will be able to rank high.

Keyword research is still important

Considering the avalanche of changes Google has put us through, keyword research still remains important. Also, Google isn’t the only search engine around. Bing and Yahoo and Baidu are equally important and send me lots of traffic.

Which means if you optimize correctly those channels can send you tons of traffic as well.

Keyword research for Google isn’t different from that for other search engines. After all we just want to optimize for the different ways in which people phrase their queries.

So use a good tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to discover the most searched terms around your niche. 

Write articles around these keywords

It’s seldom enough that you research keywords and sit on them. It’s equally important to use those keywords that worked so hard at finding.

When you write articles around these keywords, think of the big picture. Think of all the relevant topics and subtopics you can cover. For example if I am writing an article around webinar software, I’d think of the individual tools first. I could branch out and create several articles on the said subject. Next I could think of writing about how to market or generate leads with webinars. When you choose a keyword, remember that there’s an entire ecosystem waiting to reveal itself around those keywords. Once you figure that out and create contextually relevant content there’s an entire silo you can create around related topics and Google sees your site as being relevant for the said topics. With that you get better rankings without too many links. 

Invest in link building

I find guest blogging to be one of the safest link building methods in these turbulent times and with good measure.

Guest blogging is a technique where you approach other relevant bloggers in your niche and create content after mutual agreement. Once the content goes live you get links back to your own site.

With this you’re creating powerful votes that help you rank higher. Great content and great links are the twin pillars that help any site rank. If you don’t have the skills to guest post on quality sites, hire someone who can.

Get social media shares

There’s a correlation between good content and social media shares. Google knows this and rewards sites with better social share metrics with better rankings. According to research, 70% of Americans are on one or the other social media platform.

How to get social media shares?

Easy peasy. Create good content. Add lots of relevant images. Create content around relevant hot-button topics and the rest is easy. If possible ask other bloggers to share your content.

Also submit it to channels like Quuu.

They are blog promotion channels that get you tons of traffic.



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