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Are you bored with the daily quarantine routine? And do you struggle with the thoughts? Relax, give some relief, this lockdown has never been kind to anyone us.We find out some of best alternative of Couch tuner. We all are on the same page. Keep yourself busy with something exciting; enjoy your time watching movies. We have got some brilliant sites to kill your boredom for you. Although some of us are busy watching Netflix, it is one of the most preferred places for watching the film, series online. Not everyone can afford the subscription charges. Luckily, we have an option- that is the internet, and it is entirely free.

Couch tuner is accessible for everyone for free. We are going to tell you some other free website too.


It is the leading site to watch a vast number of shows online for free. You can have content from HBO, Warner Bros., CNN, Comics, and other big production companies without subscription charges. Yes, you do not have to pay for watching TV series and movies on Couch Tuner.

Is it a secure page? No, it is not safe to use. It is a pirated webpage where copied content from a third-party source is displayed.

TV News feature gives the most recent news and current affairs from the film industry. Entertainment news, celebrity’s interview, and talk shows, and much more are waiting for you to explore. It is becoming famous online streaming as a part of the couch tuner where people become acquainted with a great deal about TV shows.

If you can not get the opportunity to watch online streaming, most certainly, your network access supplier is blocking your access to the site. In the situation, you have two choices: either utilize a VPN, or you can switch to other options apart from this site. We are listing them below:

123 movies

123 movies

123 movies is one of the best alternative of couch tuner. 123 movies is one of the most popular sites to watch online streaming of movies for free around the globe. 123 movies site has gone through many changes due to piracy issues. And has been Taken down many times, banned several times but the developers of 123 movies have been working hard to generate new domains related to 123 movies.


You can view different sections listed on the page where the audience can get to know more easily about movies in 123 movies. There is an option of browse movies, use that, and write your favorite movie, show or series you wish to watch. The site got separate TV shows icon where all the shows are displayed on the page. Click on the links to explore more. If you are wondering which is the top trending movie, click sort by the bar, here, movies are listed according to the prime watching, 18+ and video quality categories in 123 movies.

If you wish you watch movies of a specific country or language, it’s easy to go to the country’s search bar. According to the genre and year, you will find a variety of shows, series, and movies. They have better service, and the technical team is quite supportive. When you request a new movie to upload, the server tries to upload it as soon as possible.

Look Movie

look movies

Look movie is another best alternative of Couch tuner. If you don’t like watching movies online, this would be the rarest thing on the earth. You belong to a 1% isolated population then. Everybody loves to watch videos, series around the globe. People got many options on the Internet to kill their time. Look Movie is one of the most searched and visited sites with a unique variety of movies, series, and shows. Look movie site doesn’t even charge a single penny. Either Download or watch movies whatever you would like to do so.

Web developers keep an eye on the site to help them grow and continue their website. Due to, piracy issues it can be banned anytime; look movie site can be taken down. Don’t worry about that. The audience will get a new server.

Features they offer:

You will have an excellent experience with the website when you visit. It’s fast, and server error rarely occurs. However, if you face any problem, developers will fix within less time

Movies, shows, and series have descriptive information listed since you will not have to search on the Internet for further info. You can even create your favorite list of movies on the website and save it, later watch it any time.

Dubbed versions of movies are available, along with that every genre in every language is listed on site. Just use the search bar on the corner to enlist your favorite film, and you will get on the page. In case you are confused, what to watch? Go to the categories where their movies are divided according to the genre, and it will help you pick up the right one series or film

Solar movies

solar movies

Solar movies is another best alternative of couch tuner. The site has the highly-rated movies and got the most Viewership; you will appreciate the best cinematographic works while online streaming.

Nowadays, nothing is more exciting than having the option to watch the most recent pictures on the home couch absolutely for free. That is the motive of their website to bring films to the viewers’ one click away. Solar movies site with numerous audiences has a couple of advertisements, but ads are censored. Your data is quite safe. It doesn’t have any promotions or additional features that are unsafe for viewers. So you can enjoy without any concern, whenever visit this site

For watching films signup, money both are not required. The page permits you to download films for free, you can watch action, comedy, romance, Sci-Fi, Animation, War, Thriller, Horror, Biography, and Documentaries on this site.

If you are searching Indian web series online for free to watch, it is the right place to see your related content. Some of the most viewed series are Mirzapur and sacred games.

Sacred Games has two seasons, and it is based on criminal activities and police investigation. It is one of the popular shows among Indians.

Mirzapur– it also has 2 seasons and, totally a gangster series. I guarantee you that if you once start it, you would not be bored with watching it.

Uri- is the movies brilliantly acted by Vicky Kaushal. It is based on a surgical strike lead by an Indian soldier. The dialogue on how is the josh is still the most popular among the entire nation.

If you are an old movie freak, you will have a fantastic experience on this site. It has old classic movie collections as well

You love to watch comedy, so, we have a comedy category as well. Stories based on inspiration and biographic films are also available.


Put Locker

Putlocker is another popular alternative of Couch tuner. This site has a considerable amount of free films tv shows. Putlocker site additionally has live TV, Parody dramas, and news features. You may avail of different language options, for example, Hindi English, Tamil, and Bengali, etc. Either through an android play store or apple play store, you can download the application on your device.

Putlocker site has converged with Disney and is currently giving its content within its application.

Putlocker is an illicit web which offers tv shows and pictures. Under different URLs and names, the site is set to operate. Putlocker site was initiated in the UK and right now exists in numerous countries worldwide.

Putlocker has a massive number of watchers. Yet, in a short period, a law association in the United States declared this site as an illegal and banned site. Along with the films in various kinds, people may likewise download WWE matches.


Hotstar is an Indian alternative of Couch tuner. Hotstar is an Indian based app that was developed a few years back, and soon it turns into the most liked website with a high volume of viewership. It has picked up such great fame among Indians and all over Asia. By chance, if you have missed any TV programs and dramas, you can watch it for free here online with Hotstar. Sign in with your username/id and take advantage of being the member. Apart from Indian shows, series, and dramas, it also streams some other well-known plays, such as Game of Thrones, news, shows, and kid’s content. With the VPN, you can have access to the Hotstar app for free. However, some of the content is limited to premium account owners. It feels beautiful to watch online with better quality videos. Do look at this site and enjoy watching online dramas and talk shows.

You can avail hotspot on your mobile devices; likewise, it is accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that makes you convenient to watch at any device.


If you have a keen interest in watching documentary videos, this website is the perfect solution for your curiosity. The highest-ranked documentaries are present on this site.

It’s all about your interest in the subject; there is almost every topic. If you wish to watch content on Health, politics, space, and anything else, this is the best place to go and search for the related content. One of the best-directed documentaries with excellent video quality is available.

If you are looking for short films due to busy routines, then it has films that are only limited to a few minutes. And if you want to gain knowledge in depth, then long hour movies are also available. The categories like; Top100 documentaries have a long list of most viewed and top-rated documentary films. The visitors are in a considerable number that watches movies on site and rate it according to their preferences.

If you are technology and science freak, there is a lot to watch here, visit the site and explore much more engaging content 


FMmovies is also an good alternative of Couch Tuner. The online streaming experience provided by FMovies is a few levels above the standard set by other online streaming sites out there. From its professional design to its intuitive layout to its dark color scheme that’s easy on the eyes, every aspect of the site shows that the people behind it know what they’re doing and are fully committed to making FMovies the best online streaming site on the internet.

It is also a pirated web so, it is risk not to change the domain name. Otherwise the site would be banned by officials.
Use NordVPN software to avoid service trouble, isp would not stop your device to not visit such sites.
This software comes up with monthly subscription: so purchase in case you are satisfied with the charges or avail one month free trail. Go and signup on website, unblock fmovies after installing it in your device. We also suggest you to make use of ad block software to enjoy online streaming without advertisement hurdles


Prime wire has numerous categories and best alternative of Couch Tuner. It includes; new arrivals, most viewed, and genre-based films. It is entirely free of cost, but the premium account holders have to pay subscription charges. They then enjoy the unlimited benefits of a subscription. They get access to the 18+ video collection as well and continue watching without ads. 


If you have missed television series before due to the hectic daily schedule, so, this is the time to get back to that time and watch series and movies on this site.

Here are some series and movies you need to consider:

Jumanji: the next level -Everyone is aware of the Jumanji, comedy and action-based movie

The rising hawk– is based on Ukrainian novel. It is a movie with a historical background.

The high note- is a music-based film. The story revolves around a rock star and her manager.


Please note that we do not encourage you to use illegal sites. This article is based on suggesting online free movies to watch on different webpages. However, according to the officials and law enforcement agencies, it is an illicit act to visit such websites. We have enlisted some protected sites too that are free and cost you nothing for availing their features. Enjoy your days watching movies of your choice on some legitimate sites.

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