YouTube has become a platform where everyone wants to establish a presence. If you want a video solution to a problem, you’re going to search for it on YouTube. 

But to be recognized as a valid authority on YouTube, you’ll need a substantial number of subscribers.  

Here is how you can get more YouTube subscribers: 


  • Produce quality content. 


This goes without saying, but if you want to grow your YouTube subscribers, you will have to produce quality content. 

Create content that people would enjoy watching. That means that your videos should provide value to your audience.  

You should value the time a viewer spends watching one of your videos. If you value the time of other people, then your content should reflect that. 

Refrain from creating clickbait videos. Using a semi clickbait title that leads to the desired content is an alright practice, but ensure that you provide the content you advertised in the title. 

The quality of a video comes a lot from the equipment, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on fancy equipment. 

These days, cell phones have great cameras. If you’re just starting, you can use a cell phone camera. It will work just fine. Lighting is another prerequisite to great video quality. And the best lighting you can get is sunlight, and it’s free to use too. 

Great audio is another essential contributor to a great video. A small attachable mic is not too expensive. 

Keeping your viewers engaged while watching your video is the first step that you need to take if you want to grow your subscriber base.   


  • Increase the number of posts. 


Quantity is another thing that you need to consider when it comes to YouTube in general. People want to consume more and more content. 

If you’re only pushing out one video per month, you’re not going to grow your subscribers. In fact, you might be at risk of losing your subscribers. 

Ideally, you want to publish enough videos on YouTube to satisfy your audience. But even there is a limit to how many videos you should post.  

Publishing too many videos on YouTube can be a bad idea. If you keep on posting new videos without giving your audience enough time to watch the first video, your videos will mostly end up cannibalizing views and subscribers.  

Ultimately it comes down to what you’re comfortable with and the number of videos you can produce without compromising the video quality.  


  • Be unique. 


To increase your subscribers, you need to be unique. Not just in the kind of content you’re producing, but also your personality.  

If you want to be unique, you should try being yourself online. There is only one of your out in the big wide world, so being yourself is not an entirely terrible idea. That being said, you’d still want to present yourself in a way that people would view you positively. 

If you have a YouTube channel that solely provides entertaining content, then you need to be unique. There thousands of entertainers on YouTube and the only ones that get recognition are the ones that are themselves and entertaining at the same time. 

Even if your channel focuses on more serious, niche topics, you can still be unique in your subject matter and way of presenting, to list a few.  


  • Engage with people in the comments section. 


Engaging with your audience is a great idea on any platform, including YouTube.  Like you engage with people on live chat app in your website similarly engage with them on Youtube as well.

If you want to gain subscribers on YouTube, then you should make it a point to engage with people in the comments section. 

Just liking a comment lets your audience know that you really read comments. Most people don’t, so even this small act can lead to an increase in your subscribers. 

Beyond liking comments, you should make it a point to reply to people.  

Make sure that you read comments and listen to your audience. If there is an overwhelming response to a certain thing about your channel or videos, you should consider looking into the matter. 

If your audience feels that you hear their opinions, they would be more likely to subscribe to your channel.  

Replying to every comment can be difficult if you’re getting thousands of comments, but you should try to reply to and answer as many comments or questions as humanly possible. 


  • Ask your viewers to subscribe. 


This is probably the simplest way to ask gain subscribers. Just ask. 

If your audience enjoys your content, then you will most likely like and subscribe anyways. But some people need a little nudge in the right direction. 

Like a CTA (call to action) button on a lead generation page, you can replicate the same thing by asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel.  

Its best to ask your viewers once at the beginning of your video to subscribe, then you can ask a second time in the end. 

You can remind your audience more times, but for most audience’s it would be overkill, and you won’t want that. 


  • Use analytics to your advantage. 


Analytics is your friend. Use them to grow your channel. 

If you see a certain video performing well, that’s YouTube’s way of letting you know that you should come up with related content.  

Acting upon data is the only way to get repeatable successes. 

If, after posting a certain video, you got an unprecedented influx of subscribers, then you’ll do good to double down on your recent success. 


  • Form a community around your channel. 


You might see a lot of YouTubers with Disqus channels or Facebook groups. There’s a reason behind this extra effort. 

As previously mentioned, people want more content. And having a group encourages a sense of community. An advantage of forming a community or tribe is that you can have your group members spread the good word about your channel on YouTube. 

In most cases, the people in your groups on other platforms will already be subscribers. More interaction with your audience will help you increase your views and likes on your videos. This, in turn, will let YouTube know that more people want to see this kind of content. 


YouTube is a platform that people of all ages use almost daily. 

To grow subscribers on YouTube, you’ll need to be creative in your approach. It’s best to start with the more well-known ways, but you can gradually experiment with more creative ways. 

Hamzah Adil is a digital marketing executive. He enjoys consuming a wide variety of content on social media. At the moment, he’s working for a startup that has developed a new live chat app called SwiftChat.




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