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“For any business, large or small, not to have e-commerce is a big mistake”


The digital world is an exciting place for business owners to start their own brands & take it online, start digital marketing & reach their ideal customer/audience. It gives ample opportunities to business owners to start an eCommerce business.

E-commerce is now seemingly munching up the retail world. Everyone wants to be their own boss. Ecommerce business extends the opportunity to do so. 

But it’s not quite easy to hit the target soon. You may find it easy to start an eCommerce business. But unless and until you know about the trade secrets, you don’t create a success formula.

Once before we step into the core, have you ever wondered why many eCommerce businesses couldn’t make it? There are certain factors hitting the budding eCommerce businesses forbidding it from success. Let’s have a look at this. 

Why do lots of e-commerce businesses find it hard?


  • Intricate Website Designs


To start an eCommerce business it’s important and known to have a website. Not just a website but one which grabs the attention of customers. But what if the design becomes complex? Intricate website designs don’t satisfy customers.


A user-friendly website satisfies the customers and helps them to conveniently search for a product and seamlessly place an order.


  • Shipping & Delivery


Customers are always curious about the cost of shipping and delivery time. For most customers, it matters a lot how fast you deliver the products. A negative shipping experience will affect your company enormously, neglecting the fact that you offer free shipping.


  • Ineffective Content Strategy


SEO is the king here. If you’ve built your amazing website without SEO, then you’ve made a major mistake in your business. 

Content, titles, right meta tags, descriptions, URL everything matters here. Strong SEO marketing can bring out a friendly positive outcome in your eCommerce business. 

Right execution is the key success of the eCommerce business. You should know the essentials to start an eCommerce business to direct it into success.  No businessman will walk away from these essentials. Because in the end, success matters.

Let’s explore the factors leading to the success of eCommerce business which mainly depends on traffic & conversion.


Grabbing customers’ attention is an important factor in online business.  Driving more traffic are based on a few significant factors

Your Brand; at First & Foremost

Comprehend that there must be something your brand truly stands for, and you need to let consumers know what it is. The brand value should comply with consumers’ value. This can make your brand stand out and recognizable.

A brand image can create magic in your business!

Your USP

Ecommerce is inundated in the digital era, meaning potential customers can search for an online product and find a vast array of very similar ones. Before starting your business it is crucial that you have a  USP. Otherwise, you’ll remain an unrecognized drop in the sea.

Your USP can position your brand in a way that makes it stand out from others. This helps to increase traffic. 

Your Homepage

In the pool of eCommerce, your website design is important for the customers. It should be user friendly without any complex designs and steps. 

Not just the design, but what is on the homepage matters. When you have got some products that are really selling well, make sure you feature those on your homepage. 

SEO & Traffic

Improving Google keyword ranking can improve your site visibility and hence traffic. So optimizing your website is an inevitable step to success.

To pull in more customers the role of keywords in the content is quintessential. 

The best eCommerce SEO approach blends website layout, strategic SEO, keyword analysis, content management, on-page SEO, and development of links with amazing user experience to achieve unparalleled results.

Loyalty & Referrals

Loyalty programs and referrals matter a lot when it comes to eCommerce. You can give rewards to your customers like cashback on specific payment gateway purchases, amounts, or dates. 

This can give increased traffic and can be an effective way for your business. 

Customer Experience

Customers are the priority. Enhancing customer experience can improve any business. To start an eCommerce business, developing strategies to build trust and improve customers’ shopping experience should be on the top of the list.

Your ultimate aim is to build a long term relationship with your customer. Right from the first mail that every customer receives from you to in their inbox, your service is being measured by them. So it is really important to create an amazing customer experience and your customer service should be satisfactory. 

Not just the means of communication,  but the overall website measures customer experience. The product categorization, product description, and the other contents and procedures should appear smooth to the customer. This can yield a better result for your eCommerce business.

Build Trust

Building trust with customers is an important factor to make your business flourish.  For instance, apart from your product description, there should be testimonials, reviews from the customers who have already purchased the product. 

Product feedback may have a huge impact on buying decisions. This can make the customers know about the real experience of the product before they buy and for sure, build trust.

This can also be ensured by giving your contact id and email address, i.e your customer support department should be active always to serve your customers and protect their claim.

Make sure that details on all your return policies and delivery charges are transparent enough to avoid any further confusion within the customer.


Market trends change rapidly.  Maybe the most selling product disappears from the market so quickly. This factor makes inventory important to start an eCommerce business and succeed in it. 

So don’t ever stick on the same product and search for new and different ideas on the product that will keep people coming to you. 

Conversion Matters!

It is quite important that you should be constantly measuring your conversion rate on different pages. Know your bounce rate, the percentage of people who visit your homepage, know where customers leave your site and where you lose people.

For instance, if you face a problem at the checkout i.e, customers like the product, they click on the product, they add to cart but lose them at checkout. This can be attributed to a great many factors. Too many steps can hinder the user-friendliness of your website. Might it be a factor. So simple steps and procedures are vital in the eCommerce business.


To start an eCommerce business and make it a breakthrough in your career, it requires extensive knowledge on the important factors capable of leading you to success. 

Customers and your brand are the topmost factors here. Everything you do is for your brand and customers. If you never compromise on your priorities, you are gonna make it… Finally, you will win.

“For any business, large or small, not to have e-commerce is a big mistake”


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