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Take my first stroke on a golf course with my square strike. I have no idea how hard it is to meet chunky-monkey, that is, the main golf pole. We all have been bombarded with square strike wedge ads and you’ve seen that guy pop up way too often, and I would really like to never see him again, but My chipping game is terrible. My main issue is chucking it and when I’m not chunking, it guesses what I am sculling it, but either way. 

My chipping aim is a complete, dumpster fire. I know I should work on my swing and I have. I’ve tried and tried and tried and been so frustrated, and then I saw that we’re going to introduce you to a brand new club that we believe will put an end to your chipping and pitching frustrations. Once and for all, yes, you heard that right, no more eating chips and pitches fat, no more, hitting them thin because you’re overcompensating and no more pulling out that putter from way off the green. 

Just to avoid the chip – and I know no gimmick – is gonna make me a better golfer, but I was desperate and I was tired of hitting these bad chips, so I figured we’d give it a try. I bought the black one, so my first stroke, a square strike, was super happy to those that stayed on the green. It went over the dream that shifted back over the green. Now that you get used to how hard to hit it. Things have a lot of weight to it. All right, I got in two squares striking this job again, I would give it work. Fine, I just didn’t know how hard it would be to hold the Square strike. Therefore I checked the reviews on Best Golf Carts Inc.

Think I’m face blown a little bit and I swung, through becoming the bunker on the left side of green up there, we’re going with square strike wedge against man. I am just loving this thing I haven’t. I haven’t hit a bad shot with it. Yet it’s all about me trying to learn the speed. There’S another good chip for the square strike. I give that a shot brought to you by the square strike. I am loving the square stretch, Square strike problem because you know it’s 43 degrees. 45 degrees haven’t taken a full swing, so touchy chips. 

The square strikes all right, one bad. I just pulled it a little bit, but you know how she’s a wedge pretty sure I hit the ground before I hit the ball so again, another happy square strike. So, what’s my verdict for the square strike wish, I absolutely love it. Probably the best hundred bucks I’ve spent on golf in a long time, so that was the end of our nine-hole match. 

You’Ll know when new videos are out, so I had seven chips in nine holes with a square strike wedge. I was happy with every one of them as a couple. I hit too hard a couple up old and stuff like that, but that’s not on the wedge. That’s on me, 100%, so I’m super happy with the purchase. I hope we can say goodbye to the chunky monkey and I do have more rounds with the square strike wedge and I can chunk it. My friend can’t chunk it, but I can and I can top it, but again, that’s all on me. That’s all on the wedge, so I highly recommend it if you’re having troubles like me fixing your swing if you’re tired of trying to fix your swing by a square strike wedge.


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