This article will talk in detail about the meat mincer and its features, compatibility with your business, prices, and tips in general. Before buying your meat grinder, understand that there is an ideal machine for every type and size of business! This artical will guide on how to use a manual meat grinder!

Meat Mincer or Meat Grinder?

Each type of machine has a specific name.

If you are looking for a “meat grinder” for professional use, know that the technically correct name is meat mincer.

Learn more about the grinder and meat mincer difference.

As a team, we decided to provide some essential tips to help you do an excellent deal. Good reading!

Why work with a meat mincer?

Automatically, you may have already thought: “Why to grind meat! Logical!”. However, the concept of grinding meat in business is much more than just that. Meat is present every day and in several dishes in cuisine, but the type of meat most consumed and used in several recipes is meat.

The meat mincer is used daily by professionals in the meat industry to make sausages such as sausages, salchichón, chorizo, among others. In addition to orders, such as ground beef or pre-made products such as hamburgers, meatballs, kafta, etc

What is the best meat mincer manufacturer?

This is probably one of the most significant doubts of entrepreneurs when thinking about purchasing any equipment. Some tips for choosing companies, like the ones mentioned above or not, it is beneficial to know if regulatory bodies, such as approve the machines

NBR 60335-1: Safety of household appliances and the like.

IEC 60335-2-64: Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Particular requirements for commercial electric kitchen machines.

In the INMETRO case, however, some mincers do not fit into their guidelines, as meat mincers with a grinding capacity higher than 400kg / h do not fall within INMETRO Ordinance 371.

If the equipment is essential in your production line, it is worthwhile to invest in the right quality equipment, which helps you obtain positive results in your company.

There are many cases, for example, of butchers and grocery stores that buy only one machine and supermarkets and medium and large meat shops that choose to purchase two devices at the same time.


 Being for professional use, it is not advisable to buy mincers or meat grinders for the price. Analyze what you need, what your need is.

There are meat grinding machines, around R $ 400.00. However, the focus of these machines is domestic use; that is, these types of devices were designed for occasional use or for those who want to grind 500g of meat for lunch and 500g for dinner the next day. Even so, grinding takes time.

If you don’t make the right choice, your business could suffer losses!

Don’t fool yourself! Be very realistic about your business needs.


 For a business, there is no better machine, even if it has thousands of functions, sizes, colors, etc. There is the ideal machine or the most compatible with the model and size of your business!

Therefore, you are advised to purchase a machine with your store in mind as a whole and not just the device itself.


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