Before you buy a blender, you should know what is your mixer able to do. Of course, your requirements and preferences will decide which functions the blender should have. For example, if you want to chop nuts or meat, you should choose a high-performance mixer. Thanks to its high output, it can chop even harder foods or even grind them finely. For this reason, some models are equipped with an additional spice grinder.

When buying a blender, also pay attention to the knife. The higher the number of individual blades, the faster and more efficiently the blender works. Besides, the fruit and vegetable pieces are broken down into fine fibers and your body can then absorb the nutrients better. For this reason, the position of the individual blades is also extremely important, which is why they are sometimes arranged on several levels. Besides, the knife should always be removable for more efficient cleaning.

To save energy and time, you can also choose a high performance mixer or a stand mixer with a smoothie function. These models switch themselves off after a predefined time – you save electricity and noise pollution. Unfortunately, the blenders are relatively loud, which is why high-quality manufacturers come up with a “quiet function”.

You should also consider that many blenders are self-explanatory in terms of operation – regardless of whether it is a touchscreen or just a button. It is also important that you can add food at any time without having to compromise on safety. Some models switch off when the lid is opened, which is why some manufacturers have opted for a small refill hole in the lid.

How important is the performance and speed of blenders?

Generally speaking, the higher the output, the creamier the smoothie or the more food you can process. To achieve a perfect consistency with the smoothie, the power should be around 1000 watts. But: the speed also influences the result. The higher the maximum speed, the faster the drink can be prepared. The speed with which the food is prepared – as already mentioned – also has a high impact on noise pollution and should not be underestimated. High-quality blenders make a smoothie in half a minute, while other models need two minutes.

Useful accessories for the blender

As the comparison above shows, the different manufacturers equip their blenders differently: All of them have a glass container, which is usually also provided with a measuring scale and at the same time holds a different volume. What is more important, on the other hand, is whether additional containers are included in the mixer. So, you can take the self-made smoothie or milkshake into the car with a drinking cup – there is no cumbersome pouring into other containers.

Other manufacturers include a spice grinder, while others place more emphasis on simply refilling the ingredients and keeping them fresh with an airtight lid.


Additional functions: smoothie, ice crush and pulsation

Many models have:

  • Smoothie function
  • IceCrush function
  • Pulsation
  • Self-cleaning function

Others, however, completely do without these additional functions. The question rightly arises how important these functions are. For this reason, we would like to explain these to you in more detail:

The smoothie function suggests what it is by its name: With this function, you can add cut fruit and vegetables into the blender and prepare a tasty smoothie after adding water. Here the mixer works at the perfect speed so that the smoothie becomes creamy. At the same time, all of this happens in the perfect time. If you left the blender running too long, the smoothie could heat up uncomfortably. If you decide for a short period of time, it will not be thick enough.

The ice crush function is actually self-explanatory: In this case, you add large pieces of ice, which the mixer then magically breaks down into smaller pieces. You can then add these to every drink – with or without alcohol.

If a mixer does not have an ice crush function, you could alternatively use the pulse function. However, in this case you have to check yourself when the ice cream is ready. You can also use the pulse function to clean the mixer container. Then the leftovers are removed from the walls and you have less work to do with the dishes.

Not all mixers have the self-cleaning function. The mixer cleans itself. Nevertheless, it is advisable to wash the container yourself – either by hand or in the dishwasher. In this case, make sure that you can remove the knife. Then you can perfectly clean every millimeter of the container.



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