Before you pop another pill, take a moment to think about all the amazing things nature has given you. Fresh water, clean air, sweet fruits, and the list goes on. So Mother Nature certainly isn’t going to hold back when it comes to your health.

There are a million natural things out there that can make you feel a whole lot better but here are 5 extremely useful, easy to find, and fun to eat foods and herbs that’ll kick start your day and make you a healthier being.


The thought of cinnamon brings back such nice memories. Cinnamon buns and apple cider.  Ahhh. But on the health side, cinnamon is a miracle worker. This old school spice can help you control your blood sugar (which is linked to heart disease). 

It also prevents vomiting, relieves flatulence, and is useful for those suffering from diarrhea. On top of reducing your blood sugar level, it also brings down the cholesterol.

Ways to eat: Throw some cinnamon into your coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, or baked goods.


Turmeric is chock full of health benefits. It can help with your digestive problems and even your skin complaints. It has also been used for quite some time to relieve menstrual pain. On top of that, turmeric can be used to treat liver disease, jaundice, and colon cancer.

Ways to eat: Use it in your next curry or make it into a thirst-quenching beverage.


You find this guy everywhere. Fresh parsley is an herb filled with vitamin C. It has been rumored to prevent tumor-cell growth too. In fact, parsley also aids in digestion and can even relieve itch if applied externally.

This green miracle worker is eaten to cleanse the blood and boost circulation too. And one last thing. Parsley helps to ease muscle spasms.

Ways to eat: Sprinkle it in your soup, use it in a salad, or throw it on as a garnish.



Who could possibly forget lime. Used everywhere in the world, this sour fruit is a life saver. Because of it’s high concentration of vitamin C, it was used to cure scurvy during the 19th century.

The leaves of the lime can be infused as an herbal tea is great for headaches. The juice is also known to counter diarrhea. In addition, lime can be used to clear up congested skin and can even stem bleeding from minor cuts.

Ways to eat: Make limeade or squeeze it on top of meats for marinade. You can also use it for salad dressings.


Not just a breath freshener, mint is also used to treat morning sickness, nausea, dyspepsia, flatulence, and stomach aches. It’s the king of all herbs when it comes to indigestion and cramping.

For those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, mint will become your best friend. It is scientifically proven to improve the conditions of any IBS sufferer. It can also be used to slow the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Ways to eat: Peppermint leaves make a delicious tea that can soothe a sore throat and improve your digestive tract.


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